How To Get Rid Of Muddy Paw Prints

You must be loving your dog to the extent that you would want to ignore all the mistakes. If it enters the house with muddy paws and makes your carpet a bit dirty then what would be your reaction? Well, you won’t feel bad if you already have access to the best home carpet cleaners. Having a contract with the leading carpets cleaners will help you in making your life easy. If you are looking for some quick remedies to get rid of muddy paw prints then read the information given below.

Get Rid Of Muddy Paw Prints
Get Rid Of Muddy Paw Prints
  1. Use dishwashing liquid and water

If the muddy stain is mild and not wet then it will not have a very tough impression on the carpet. In that case, you can do it merely with dishwashing liquid and water. Just put some dishwashing liquid and water in that area and blot. If you repeat this process twice you will see that there will be no stains at all.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide for hard mud stain

If it was raining outside and the pet has just entered with a wet foot and had damaged the look of the carpet then ideally you could have called a Residential carpet cleaner. But if you wish to try the same on your own then you can use hydrogen peroxide as the savior. You will see that hydrogen peroxide is a good stain remover and can help you get rid of the hard muddy stain. Just use a sponge to move the compound around the stain and you will get wonderful results.

  1. White rubbing alcohol

You might be wondering what the top carpet cleaners do when they come across such stains. Well, while they do residential carpet cleaning, they would also search for other problems like dirt marks and stains. They have special commercial chemicals that they would use to clean the marks off. But if you do not have such special chemicals then you can use white rubbing alcohol for the same. It will surely get good results.

Ideally, you must prevent getting the carpets dirty. For that, you must train the pets well. Also, you should keep rags or rugs at the entrance. This will trap the dust at the door itself. Make sure that you follow these basic principles of prevention so that you don’t have to take the effort to clean the hard stains.


If you are short of things and have been thinking about what to do to get rid of muddy paws on the carpet, then you can use baby wipes if you have them. This will make your life easy for sure. The above solutions are good and effective and so try to keep these items handy so that whenever there is a stain, you will not face any kind of difficulty. Find out how you need to take the relevant steps and add ease and comfort to your life. This is something you need to work out on.